Ever New White

12:42:00 AM Chyna Ngie 5 Comments

We had our graduation ball on March 4, 2016. It wasn't a very formal event because of all the rules we had to apply on our so-called gowns. I consider my dress very elegant, but I think we all agree that I can wear this dress on a casual day. Nonetheless, I looked great (I think), I had my makeup done by Ed' Salon. I had blue eyeshadow on and I also wore a peachy coloured lipstick (I think I ended up eating it), my hair was braided with cascading curls (My own suggestion cuz I love braids).

What I wore:
Dress: Ever New
Shoes: Stella Luna
Bracelet: Promod
Necklace: Customized 

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  1. looking cute. would love to do your makeup :)

  2. Nice dress :)

  3. This dress looks gorgeous on you! :)

  4. I agree, you look great! And this dress is so beautiful, I love It! :)